Problems of Villages in Flooding Time

This is a 21st century many countries are more develop and shootout for many problem but in India not solving any big problems. In a raining season villages face a lots of problem but not a any government work for solving this problem.

Problems of Villages in Flooding Time

1. Flooding Problem

Every year in a rainy season villages face a flooding problem and lost for his animals houses and etc. But the government his not work and election time every party promise for villages pepols but after election not work for his promise.

2. Many Person are Dead

In a flooding time many person are dead and many families lost for his members. The reason only system is not proper work suppose the system is proper work so how many life is safe now.

3. Leaver For Own House

Many families is leave for own houses in flooding time then after a lots of time spend a new arrangement and lots of money waste.

4. Use Loss For Farmer

In a flooding time the biggest loss for farmer many animals are dead crops are destroyed many farmers after flooding choose a option suicide the reason of big losses.

5. Food Problem

Many NGO and Government for help villages peoples in flooding time. But the landslide and many other reasons the road connection is cut now for the city so in this time period the children and pepols face a food problems.

6. Landslide Problem Increasing –

In a flooding time many village face a problem for landslide so these village are not connected for the city. So in this situation government not help for the pepols.

7. Patient Face a Problems

Many village hospital water comes from hospital so patient and patient families face a many problems. And in a villages pageant women face a lots of problem in this period such a very critical condition for villages.

8. Many Years Back For State

In a flooding time state a use loss for the example- Kerala flooding in this time period this state help for the another state. This type of situation state many years back now.

This is a only few problem show for me the reality is more horrible and this period time the villages face a lots of problem so every person is responsibility to help for face this problems pepols.

Who is responsible this problem?

Actually the main question is who is responsible this problem so the write answer is human is self responsible for this problem the peoples cut for the tree is a quickly but a people not a established new plants on the other hand the system is not a proper work most a proper plan to solve out this problem so my request for the government to solve this problem and sane more many life.

Problem Solution

A very famous thought Nothing is Impossible in the World so by not is solution this problem afcause solution this problem to use for the technology proper structure prepare all river connected to the tree to help for the foreign engineer so afcause solve out this problem and once again my request for all peoples to save for the tee tree is life line in the earth.


How To Grow Your Career In Digital Marketing ?

First It’s important to aware of Digital Marketing Fields so the actual meaning of Digital Marketing –

Digital Marketing is a marketing technique that involves usage of digital medium such as Internet & Wireless for Creating Awareness, Consideration,Purchase,Loyalty for a brand product or a service.

Digital Marketing is a best platform to grow in your career and achieve more success in a short time.

Many Career Option Are Available In Digital Marketing –

Digital Marketing is a very big and growing fields a many career option are available so choose any one option and grow in career this fields. Some famous career option in Digital Marketing-

1. Website Designer-

The present time online market business is very famous so many person and company hire to website designer person. This field is definitely growing on so many opportunities is waiting for you.

2. Email – Marketer –

Digital Marketer is a second career option is Email-Marketer many company are interested for hiring a Email-Marketer Candidate this type of person expert for this fields.

3. Template Designer –

Template Designer means your command is good for designing so choose for a these field and these field person are demand in present time so much high and company pay a good salary .

4. SEO Specialist –

Mostly digital marketing candidate choose this field the reason is these fields a very growing fields. And you are experience person so company pay a high salary this is fourth career option in digital marketing.

5. Content Marketing –

Content Marketing is a another best career option the best quality this fields to connect in the world easy way. And use to words power and shine in your name in this fields many youngster choose this fields.

6. Social Media Specialist –

You are more time spend social media and best knowledge for every platform so these fields are best career option for you social media. In this time social media is a best way to grow in your business short time.

7. Adsense Marketing –

Adsense Marketing is a best platform to grow in your career the simple means is to create a channel for you tube and other video platform side. And make a perfect video and upload now these fields are provided lots of opportunities.

8. Start to Freelancer Work –

Many Youngster are work of digital marketing fields as a freelancer and earn a very good money so use in your brain and work for his skill and start a work for freelancer.

The all of you famous career option digital marketing the more option are available this fields. Digital Marketing is a not small fields it’s a very big fields but youngster is not fully aware for this fields so youngster not choose these fields. Digital Marketing provided a lots of opportunity to work in your skill and grow in your career this fields. I hope my information a help for you.